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July 12, 2010 – BADJA Monthly Meeting 6:30-8:30pm MEETING @ DAMON’S GRILL – HUNT VALLEY

July 12, 2010
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TOPIC: Weddzilla and Interactive Games presented by Escapist Entertainment.

We’re all familiar with,, etc., but have you heard of

If not, you better sign up now!  Rumor has it, this is going to be the new up and coming big wedding social networking website and you don’t want to miss signing up early.  One of our guests for this month will be Sara Morgan, from, and she’s going to come in and talk about about their offerings, the site, and her perspective on social media.

The other half of our meeting this month will be hosted by two of our own, Mark & Jordan.  They are both going to come in a shed some light on some new and extemely helpful games that we may be able to use to spice up our gigs.  These are always extremely helpful not only as a possible upsell, but also as something in your back pocket to use as an interactive tool to “wow” your client.  This is going to be fun; you don’t want to miss this one!!!

See you there!


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June 7, 2010 – BADJA Monthly Meeting 6:30-8:30pm MEETING @ DAMON’S GRILL – HUNT VALLEY

May 30, 2010
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TOPIC: Web 2.0
Presented by: Jordan Rich from Escapist Entertainment

Web 2.0…ever heard of it?  Well to sum it up quickly, things like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. (a.k.a. Social Media) are some examples of what is driving what’s known today as Web 2.0 (the second generation of the Internet).

Have you ever stopped and thought about how/if these forms of communication can help your business?  Have you ever felt that maybe traditional print advertising, etc. isn’t working as well for you?  Well you might be right!

Jordan Rich, from Escapist Entertainment, is going to come in and talk about some of these and how prospective clients are levering these technologies and communication channels to gather information, communicate with businesses, and learn about what a company has to offer!

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May 3, 2010 – BADJA Monthly Meeting 6:30-8:30pm MEETING @ DAMON’S GRILL – HUNT VALLEY

May 28, 2010
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TOPIC:The Secrets of Selling to Brides
Presented by:  Marc McIntosh, producer of the Washington Bridal Showcase

Attend this seminar and discover why selling to the bride is different than selling to anyone else.  Learn cost-effective ways of reaching the bride and turning her into a valuable customer.  We guarantee that you will walk away with dozens of innovative ideas and strategies that you can put to use immediately.  These are fresh ideas … not the tired ones used by your competition!

• Where are the most effective places to advertise?  This list is different than it was even a year ago.
• What are the seven myths of selling to brides, and how do they impact your marketing?
• Why are brides ignoring the traditional wedding planning timelines?  What does this mean to you?
• How should I integrate Facebook, Twitter and You Tube into my marketing program?

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April 12, 2010 – BADJA Monthly Meeting 6:30-8:30pm MEETING @ DAMON’S GRILL – HUNT VALLEY

May 28, 2010
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TOPIC: FREE Professional Head Shots / Tuxedo House

SMILE!  It’s formal time!

Some of you may know him, some of you may not, but for April we’re going to be bringing in Scott Furman from the Tuxedo House ( to introduce himself and let you all know what his company can offer in regards to all types of formal wear, etc.  A lot of us have used him in the past, and continue to use him, to purchase tuxedo’s and other formal wear, and he is a great guy to work with!

Also on the agenda, Jose Castro is going to address the membership and let us all know, as President, where he envisions BADJA heading and where he plans on taking the organization.  Jose has been with BADJA for a very long time, and this is a great opportunity to understand where he sees BADJA in the near future!

Lastly, we’re going to bring in a professional photographer DJ Brad Hart from PartyTyme Entertainment to take the 2010 BADJA group photo, as well as give you all the opportunity to get head-shots, as well as personal photos FOR FREE!  This is the opportunity for you all to wear your formal wear (tuxedo or suits) and receive photos that you can use for various promotional material.

AGAIN PLEASE BRING / WEAR YOUR FORMAL ATTIRE TO THE MEETING. The last thing we want is to have a group photo and have someone stand out because they didn’t follow directions.

We won’t be doing another group photo this year, so you better come!  See you there!

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March 1, 2010 – BADJA Monthly Meeting 6:30-8:30pm MEETING @ DAMON’S GRILL – HUNT VALLEY

May 28, 2010
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TOPIC: Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Chris Teer

To kick off this month’s programs, we’re bringing in Randy & Janice to make a “Lasting Impression” with business cards that represent not only what you do, but who you are.  They are graphic, fun, and permanent, and show your personality.  They have also expanded their product base to include all types of signage, banners, vehicle magnets, t-shirts, etc., etc.
They will also be offering special deals at this presentation so be sure to come check it out (deposits will be required).
Search Engine Optimization

Also this month…
Ever wonder why you’re not getting the business you’re expecting from your web presence?  Wondering why when you look yourself up on a web search engine, you’re not listed as high as you’d like in the rankings?
I’ve asked Chris Teer, a webmaster/developer at a Fortune 500 company, to come in and teach us DJs some “real world” knowledge and experience about Search Engine Optimization;  giving a “high-level” explanation on how search engines work and some tricks you can do to help boost your web presence.  He will not only explain the technology, but he will give examples and advice on what we can do with our websites to make them more visible online!

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February 1, 2010 – BADJA Monthy Meeting 6:30-8:30pm MEETING @ DAMON’S GRILL – HUNT VALLEY

May 28, 2010
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Feelin’ a little “old school” and overwhelmed when it comes to organizing all of your job leads and booked gigs? If you answered “yes” to this question, then you HAVE to come out to our next meeting on February 1st and listen to Larry Adler and Rich Malinksi present “DJ Intelligence”!

Featured in Mobile Beat, DJ Times, ClubWorld, and other various magazines and DJ expos, DJ Intelligence allows you to throw away those stacks and stacks of papers and contracts, and now lets you all manage it from your website. And instead of constantly sending out MANY emails to every single client, they can now fill out everything and submit it all to you online, all from your site!

Upload your entire music library catalog for clients to view and to request songs.
Allow the ability for clients to check your availability and submit a complete online event booking.

Provide a password-protect client area for a booked client to communicate with you and everything that’s related to that client. Contracts, song requests, itineraries, etc. are now all organized into one convenient space.
Upload your entertainment packages and additional offerings, and now provide the capability to give your potential client an automated quote generator.
…And oh yeah, DJ Intelligence has also gladly supplied us with a few complimentary subscriptions to DJ Intelligence! You don’t want to miss this one!

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